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ur passion is to work with organizations at their developmental edge, helping them take the next step in their growth and in enhancing their performance.

We work primarily on the people dimension of human systems and view our role as helping our clients identify and free up the energy and sense of purpose that exist in their organization.

We work with as broad a range of employees and stakeholders as possible to identify the current state of affairs and to chart future directions.

Our experience is that organizations potentially know a great deal about their needs and how to meet their challenges. Our role is to help them assemble and structure this knowledge and to discover new ways of moving themselves in the desired directions.

Organization and leadership development in:

Businesses & Family-Owned Firms

Multi-National Corporations

Government & International Agencies

Voluntary Institutions

Civic & Community Bodies in the United States and Abroad

Our services include:

• Organizational Diagnosis and Evaluation

• Leadership and Management Development

• Meeting Facilitation

• Team Building

• Conflict Resolution

• Coaching of Individual Leaders and Managers

• Training to Build Organizational Capacity in High-impact Skill Areas

• Culture Change Efforts

• Organizational Design and Redesign

• Strategic Planning



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