Orienting to Results

  • Focusing our work on clear outcomes desired by the system; meeting challenges and moving forward

  • Changing imbedded organizational patterns and behaviors that are getting in the way and consuming energy

  • Creating greater ownership and buy-in for new initiatives at all levels

Developmental Stance

  • Respecting and working with the inherent, built-in capacities of a system (whether it is an individual, group or organization)

  • Finding solutions for current problems with the intention of enhancing organizational ability to effectively address new problems in the future

Understanding Change and Resistance to Change

  • Believing that change in organizations always activates resistance and that this is natural and part of the self-regulation of any human system

  • Working with the forces for change and the forces for stability in ways that create a new alignment and collective movement toward a desired future

Respecting and Appreciating Strengths

  • Recognizing and building on what a system does well

  • Positioning the work to fit an organization’s unique style and culture (one size does not fit all)

Leveraging Relationship and Communication Skills

  • Understanding that better communication is the single most-often cited concern in organizations by people at every level

  • Recognizing that getting the right people talking to each other in a direct way and keeping people informed and feeling included are key to organizational health

  • Knowing that people need enhanced skills, support and adequate tools to build and maintain the relationships and information sharing that keeps a system working at maximum effectiveness

Managing Differences and Conflict

  • Guiding organizations in working with the differences in viewpoint, work style, and attitude that are inevitable in all human institutions

  • Identifying ways to turn multiple perspectives and backgrounds into assets and seeds of creative advantage, rather than impediments and sources of chronic frustration

Depth and Breadth of Experience

  • Drawing on experience with a broad array of organizations (public, private, non-profit)

  • Capitalizing on exposure to wide range of work arenas (multiple industries, sectors, different areas of professional endeavor)

  • Utilizing familiarity with client systems of many shapes and sizes (from small to very large, from local to multi-national and global) and at many stages of development (from start-up to systems with multi-generational histories)



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