Columbia University

Assistant and then Associate Professor of Urban Planning, School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

1974 – 1981

Research Associate, Center for the Urban Environment, and Instructor

1967 – 1973


Harvard University

Research Associate, Graduate School of Design

1968 – 1969


New School University (formerly New School for Social Research), New York City

Adjunct Faculty, Milano School for Management & Urban Policy

Organizing Faculty, Leadership Center (Executive Education)

1988 – 2003


Gestalt Institute of Cleveland

Co-Chair, Advanced Training Program in Groups, Teams and Small Systems

2009 10

Faculty and Member of the Professional Teaching Staff

Beginning 1988


Gestalt International Study Center, Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Faculty Member

Co-Chair of 2005 Annual Organizational Conference

Leader of Workshops Offered in UK and US

Beginning 2001


Gestalt Akadamin, Stockholm

Visiting Faculty, Graduate Program in Organizations

1998 – 2002


Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Leader of Seminar: "A Gestalt Approach to Organizational Change and Resistance;" Presenter in Symposium on Institutional Development

Winter 2005


Kinharvie Institute of Facilitation, Glasgow

Designed and Delivered Training Program:  "A Gestalt Approach to Working with Organizations" to Institute Staff and Selected Clients

Spring 2006


Marmgren Consulting and Gestalt Akadamin, Gothenburg, Sweden

Visiting Faculty, Advanced Training Program for Consultants Working with Organizations

2007 – 2010




"Why Awareness Works – and Other Insights from Spiritual Practice," British Gestalt Journal, 2004, Vol. 13, No. 2.


"Embodying Field Theory in How We Work with Groups and Organizations," with co-author Catherine Carlson, in Co-Creating the Field: Intention and Practice in the Age of Complexity, Ullman and Wheeler, Editors, Gestalt Press, 2009.


"Have We Been Missing Something Fundamental to Our Work?" with co-author Catherine Carlson, in Co-Creating The Field: Intention and Practice in the Age of Complexity, Ullman and Wheeler, Editors, Gestalt Press, 2009.


"Relational Perspectives on Coaching Groups" with co-author Catherine Carlson, British Gestalt Journal, 2014, Vol. 23, No. 2.

Also appears in somewhat edited form in Contact and Context, Francis and Parlett, Editors, Gestalt Press, 2016.




Organization Development Network (ODN)

Co-Chair, Program Committee for 1986 National Conference, New York City

Workshop Leader: "Expanding Your Options for Intervening in Organizations," delivered to New York Chapter, 1992 and National Conference, 1994


NTL Institute

Presentation: "Shame and Its Connection to Power in Organizational Life," Professional Members Meeting, Bethel, Maine, 2004


Indian Institute of Management, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce and Janaaghra

Public Talk: "Promoting Democratic Processes in Public Affairs," Bangalore, 2005


Gestalt International Study Center

Co-Chair of the 2005 Conference on Shame and Power in Organizational Life, Wellfleet, Massachusetts


International Association of Applied Psychology

Presentation: "The Contribution of Organization Development Skills to Social Development" at the 2006 International Conference,

Athens, Greece


Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Group

Presentation: "A Gestalt Perspective on Humiliation and Shame," 8th Annual Conference, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City, 2006


Esalen Institute

Member of Planning Committee and Presenter, Study Conferences II and III on the Evolution of Gestalt, Big Sur, California, 2006 and 2008


Relational Center

Presenter at The Relational Turn Conference #1 and #2 at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 2011 and Esalen, Big Sur, California, 2013.



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